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Vix Nolan is an aerialist and pole dancer from San Francisco, CA. Known for her achingly slow and sensual style of movement, she brings a smoldering intensity that commands the stage. A multi-disciplinary artist with a background in burlesque, she doesn’t shy away from versatile acts that draw audiences in and hold them tight. In 2011, after only 6 months of aerial experience, Vix played the part of the Mad Hatter in her first student showcase at the Skybox in Brooklyn, NY. Since then she has performed with shows such as Volare Variety, Bow and Arrow Circus, Haze Theater, Polesexual, North Beach Cabaret, and Flux Vertical Theatre. She holds several first place medals from Pole Sport Organization, one of the most recognized pole competitions in the U.S. In 2019, she was one of the few aerialists to receive a grant from the Burning Man Organization to perform at their annual festival, and had the honor of bringing her brand of entrancing physicality to the desert stage. 

Vix is proud to call herself an instructor at VRV3 Studios in San Francisco, where she teaches pole dance and straps. You can find her working out on Zoom under the guidance of her cat, Rosie. 

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