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Aerial Performances by Vix Nolan

Dance Pole, Flying Pole

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Vix Nolan is an aerialist and pole dancer from San Francisco, CA, but got her start at the Sky Box in Brooklyn, NY. Since her first professional aerial gig at Coney Island in 2012, she has performed with shows such as Flux Vertical Theatre, Hubba Hubba Revue, Misfit Cabaret, the Ruckus and Rumpus Revival, Slipper Room NY, Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, and many more across the US. She was an artist-in-residence  at the Michelin reviewed dinner cabaret, Berber in San Francisco as well as a returning troupe member of Cirque de Boheme. In 2023, Vix toured with a small family traditional circus called Circus Royal. She holds several first place medals from Pole Sport Organization, one of the most recognized pole competitions in the U.S. In 2019, she was one of the few aerialists to receive a grant from the Burning Man Organization to perform at their annual festival, and had the honor of bringing her brand of entrancing physicality to the desert stage. 

In January 2024, Vix was proud to have spent the month in Karridale, Western Australia for their annual Lunar Circus Festival, where she was teaching and performing for hundreds of circus students and locals alike. 

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TRAINING:  Multi-disciplinary aerialist from San Francisco, CA who specializes in flying pole and loop straps. Known for an achingly slow and sensual style of movement, she brings a smoldering intensity that commands the stage.

  • Sky Box/House of Yes, Brooklyn, NY: 2011-2012 studied aerial and flexibility under Benn Mendoza, Elena Delgado, and Jen Kovacs. 

  • Studio Botan/SF Pole and Dance, San Francisco, CA: 2013-2019 studied under Seanmichael Rau; hired as an instructor in 2015

  • ODC Urban Jazz dance, San Francisco, CA: studied from 2017-2019 under Antoine Hunter 

  • Summer Residency at Commonwealth Circus Center, Boston, MA: studied under Ernesto Lea Place 

  • Circus Center, San Francisco: currently training under Dominik Wyss

  • Independently training under Ron Oppenheimer 


  • Soloist at Chicago Circus and Performing Arts Festival, March 2024, Flying Pole

  • Soloist at Lunar Circus Festival, January 2024, Flying Pole

  • Troupe member of Cirque de Boheme, November-December 2023, November-December 2022, Flying Pole soloist, straps duo

  • Artist in resident at Berber SF, 2023, Flying Pole soloist

  • Touring contract with Circus Royal USA, March-June 2023, Single Point Trapeze soloist, Flying Pole soloist

  • Contract with Misfit Cabaret Cabaret, October 2021; Flying Pole Soloist

  • Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, May 2022, Flying Pole Soloist

  • Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, April 2023, Duo Loop Straps

  • Hubba Hubba Revue, May 2022, Flying Pole Soloist

  • The Ruckus and Rumpus Revival, October 2022, Pole Dance Soloist

  • The Slipper Room (NYC), March 2023, Flying Pole Soloist

  • Bindlestiff Family Circus (NYC), March 2023, Flying Pole Soloist

  • Commissioned Solo by Burning Man Organization for their Main Event, “The Chrysalis,” August 2019; Flying Pole Soloist 

  • Flux Vertical Theatre: Company member; 2017-present: soloist, corps dance member

  • Bow and Arrow Circus: Company member; 2018-present: soloist, corps dance member

  • “Miss Funny Dame,” Exotic City Awards, 2018, Pole Dance Soloist

  • First place, Pole Sport Organization Nationals, Entertainment category, 2019

  • First place, Pole Sport Organization Regional, Entertainment category, 2018

  • First place, Pole Sport Organization Regional, Championship category, 2016


  • Storybook Burlesque, New York City, NY: soloist burlesque performer and collaborative producer from 2009-2012

  • Coaching: vertical pole and aerial straps, 2016 to present

  • Background film work (Sorry to Bother You, 2017)

  • Studio and administrative assistant; stage manager with Circosphere, September 2023-present

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