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Signature Acts

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Take My Breath Away

Character Act on Vertical Pole

Funny, sexy, and a little surreal, this act follows a snorkeler on a dive through the ocean. Perfect for lighthearted cabaret events. Can be performed on installed poles or stage poles, set to either spin or static configurations.

Photo by Alloy Images

The Chrysalis

Aerial Pole and Pole Carousel

This act was commissioned by Burning Man Organization for their 2019 festival theme "Metamorphoses." Originally built to be a longer act but can easily be adjusted for time and space restrictions. Perfect for venues that are looking for a unique apparatus and style of performance.

Photo by Rainbow Sparkles


Phantom of the Opera

Character act on Vertical Pole

An ode to the classic Broadway musical! Performed to the sweeping melody "Music of the Night," this dramatic piece would fit in beautifully in a variety show or cabaret that needed something a little different. Can be performed on installed poles or stage poles, set to either spin or static configuration. 

Photo by Nina Reed Photography

Acts: Projects

Sweet Dreams

Act on Aerial Pole

Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, this act dreams of better days. Don't let the title fool you, this is a sweet dream with an edgy feeling. Video can be used for social distance streaming shows or can be performed live in venues with aerial rigging. 

Photo by Knockingbird Creative

Acts: Projects
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